Activities Planned

  1. Canoe & Camping Trip
  2. Guardian Ride Along Program
  3. Wildlife Tracking Workshop
  4. Fishing Camp
  5. Hunting Camp
  6. Conservation Workshop
  7. Gathering Camp
  8. Wood Working: Bird Houses, Bat Houses, Owl Houses
  9. Flint Knapping Workshop
  10. Anything & Everything FUN

Guardian Goals

Our Goals are Simple:

  1. Create a Safe place to Learn and Grow.
  2. Promoting the Importance of a good Education.
  3. Respecting all Living Things on our Planet.
  4. Healthy Living
  5. Encouraging our Youth to be Leaders in there Community.
  6. Awareness of the Dangers of Drugs & Alcohol.

Guardian Goals

“The Young Guardians Program”

“The Young Guns”

The Young Guardians Program will provide mentoring, life skills, survival skills, hunting, fishing, camping, and anything else we can think of.