About us

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The Guardian Posse

” Indigenous Guardians programs strengthen our communities.  They create jobs, lower crime rates and improve public health.  But most importantly,  they inspire our young people.  They connect them to the land and their elders.  They give them professional training tied to their language and culture.  That offers hope that can combat the despair so many indigenous youth feel today.”

Valerie Courtois, Director, Indigenous Leadership Initiative.

Guardian Rick Kruger

I am a member of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band. 

I have been involved in; Logging, Mining, Landscaping, Waste Water Management, and  Construction. 

With the knowledge I have acquired through my past jobs, will help me have a better understanding of what NOT to do to our ENVIRONMENT and how to protect it.

alex terbasket
Band  manager

John Terbasket
Title Rights Natural resources team leader